Developer Insight: Character Artist
July 11, 2011

Lead Character Artist: Pablo Hoyo

What is your role within Rocksteady?

I'm the lead character artist at Rocksteady. I'm responsible for ensuring that all character models are made to the required quality level and have a consistent "Arkham" style.

How long have you worked at Rocksteady?

I joined Rocksteady right at the beginning of the development of Batman: Arkham Asylum, so it's been 4 years now.

What made you want to work here?

The offices looked super cool! Plus, I could tell they were a bunch of very professional and talented people, and the project was very exciting. The visual style was right up my alley, and I really liked the type of characters that we had to make. I knew it was the kind of project that I would really enjoy working on.

What is your day to day like?

It can change a lot, depending on what I'm doing on that particular day. As a lead, there is a lot of planning and scheduling for upcoming tasks, reviewing other artists' characters and giving them feedback, attending and organising meetings... I also do character work when I'm not too busy with lead duties, so some days involve modelling or texturing characters.

Describe Arkham City

Arkham City is a very cool place. It's dark and dangerous, but also beautiful. It's great to move around it as Batman, gliding between buildings, diving into the streets, and taking out thugs all over the place. It's definitely got a personality of its own.

If you could share anything about your experience working on the game, what would it be?

Working on these games has been awesome. The people are great, and everyone pushes forward to make the best game possible. On the character side, we're miles ahead of where we were when we started work on Arkham City, which is great. We've improved so many things! One of the most awesome aspects of being a part of this was to witness the incredible response we got when Batman Arkham Asylum was released, and riding that wave of excitement all through Batman Arkham City. I'm always blown away by how excited everyone is about this game.

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